DynaCAD General purpose 2D CAD


DynaCAD provides a faithful translation of a designer’s thoughts and first-ever user-friendliness in CAD software to the extent it fits comfortably in your hand as if it is a well-thumbed tool.

DynaCAD allows user to draw a picture naturally using a mouse as if he/she is writing with a pen. When making a schematic plan, user can execute commands without wavering. This is a tool that any user would fall in love with due to its simplicity of use, as they can change its set-up easily and freely. It also allows user to edit raster data and vector data, while using CAD capability.

What is most craved by designers, in our opinion, is a tool that can help them transform a concept into a concrete form but not conventional CAD software that can help them create a clean copy of a handwritten drawing.

Major features

– Easy to use as mainly operable with a mouse
– Various functions to contribute to higher drawing and editorial efficiency
– Raster editor
– Data compatibility in wider spectrum and with higher precision


– Easy to use as mainly operable with a mouse

– Paper image and its scale can be set up in the same way that that can be done for a real paper

– When selecting a particular paper size and its diminishing scale, the corresponding paper frame image will appear on the screen.

– The only thing that needs to be done by designers is to draw a concept into the framed space. They neither need to calculate print range nor waste their time for trial and errors.

– Multiple numbers of scales can be used in one drawing. User can change the scale of a part of a drawing, or he/she can change the scale by selecting its applicable layer.

– Bevel square capability that allows user to feel as if he/she is using an adjustable triangle

– User can draw a figure by selecting an angle from the menu. There is no need to execute any operations for calculating angles from coordinates.

– User customization feature that helps improve operability

– Capability that allows user to register editor commands through tool bar

– Minimum operations are needed for drawing a figure, as commands are allocated mainly to buttons in a mouse.

– Various features that improves efficiency in drawing and editing

– Sheet capability that provides user with more freedom in deciding layout and editing

– User can manage multiple numbers of sheets based on different scales and coordinates in one drawing.

– Capability to convert OLE data into drawing data

By allowing user to convert OLE objects such as frames in Excel file into vector data, this capability enables user to use such data as objects at the time of data edition or data conversion

– Raster editor capability

DynaCAD enables user to draw figures efficiently, as it comes with raster editor capability that provide support for making a schematic plan while referring to any maps, handwritten drawings, blueprints and photographs, etc.

Raster edition
DynaCAD enables user to edit scanned drawings very easily, after determining the drawing

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